Could Alzheimer's Dementia Be Caused by a Virus?

Alzheimer's Disease is a slowly progressive illness of neuron loss leading to memory problems, cognitive impairment, and eventually death. Read More

shingles and HSV1

I certainly don't understand a lot (most?) of what I'm reading here, so forgive my overly simple questions.

If someone has suffered from cold sores (HSV1) since childhood and has had shingles in his early 60's, is there anything he can do that might protect him from Alzheimer's? What about getting the shingles vaccine? Or taking Valtrex for the HSV1? Do these treatments "knock down" the viruses at all, or do they just treat the symptoms?

Don't panic!

Having HSV1 does not mean you are destined to have Alzheimer's, by any means. It seems to me it just adds to the inflammatory soup. I think the best course is to live a healthy, anti-inflammatory life. Avoid (for the most part) processed food and man-made oils (such as seed oils). Vitamin D plays a huge role in anti-viral immunity - get your levels checked because there is no way to know otherwise. I think a good level should be between 35-50 ng/ml (this level is between the Institutes of medicine recommendations, which I think are too conservative, and the vitamin D council, which I think are too aggressive, and I've had some patients with levels >50 and normal calcium levels complain of fatigue and bone/joint pain - the vitamin D council recommends levels of 60-80, the IOM >20).

Get exercise, but make sure you have plenty of rest, play, and recovery - be sensible. Depending on your symptoms and side effects, Valtrex might be a very reasonable approach too, and will decrease number of active flares, though it won't get rid of the infection. I can't give you very much guidance on this point - the connection of chronic infections to Alzheimer's makes sense, but is speculative, and there is no specific evidenced based data.

No panic yet, just

No panic yet, just considering the future. My mom was in a nursing home for 13 years (not from Alzheimer's), so I feel I've "done my time" there. The "he" in my post is my husband, 65 this month, and far from primal/paleo. I'm doing my best to lead by example, hoping the "old dog" will pick up on some "new tricks".
Thanks for all you do.


I just found out from ver 3 of 23andme that I'm a double E4 carrier. My diet is low-ish carb paleo, with pastured meats, coconut oil, no industrial PUFA seed oils, etc. I'm 50yo, 6'1", 173 lbs, 13-15% body fat. My diet seems to be in accord with Dr. Jack Kruse's recommendations but perhaps not Dr. William Davis's, and I'm trying to find out what really is the best approach to living with this particular genetic time-bomb. What would you recommend for APO E4 carriers?

Interesting to speculate what

Interesting to speculate what to many is a no brainier. Bet ya that >90% of your dead and diagnosed Alzheimer cases have at least one species of spirochete infection. Check out your patients grey matter post mortem.

viruses associated with many more diseases as well

Dr. Dharam Ablashi, co-discoverer of HHV-6 says there are two variants of HHV-6 - A&B. Roseola is caused by HHV-6B. HHV-6A is associated with MS.

Neurologist Dr. Ian Lipkin, often referred to as the "virus hunter," has long believed that microbes are behind many neuropsychiatric disorders- read Neurovirology. Microbes and the brain.