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Homo Professoris, Part III: The 'Show Me Your Big D' Lecture

Although my lectures are not without awkward funniness, the humor is usually intentional. One of today’s lectures was an exception. I chalk it up to the Advil PMs I popped last night when my insomnia kicked in. Whatever the cause, I gave a lecture this afternoon that my students will always remember…for all the wrong reasons. Read More

Similar Situation

A similar situation happened in my physics class. As we were discussing momentum, we looked at a problem where a train would have more material dropped in its holding area. My professor often used the phrase, "We need to drop the load in it," or some variation of that phrase. I did my best not to giggle, but I couldn't help it. Not enough people giggled for our professor to realize that he used an interesting choice of words.

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Barry X. Kuhle, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Scranton.


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