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The High Reliability Personality---With Notable Values

High Reliability Organizations are the cutting edge with regard to safety and high performance across the health care spectrum. High reliability, however, begins with individuals: self-reflection, assessing personal values, action plans for refining quality of life that extends beyond self to others! Read More

Dr. Ninivaggi

Dr. Ninivaggi's work is so timeless but yet so appropriate to our world today with personality driving technology. What we need to know about ourselves and our motivations are al in Dr. Ninivaggi's work. I always enjoy reading his columns and his books (ENVY).
Mary Jane Peluso

Great article

Thank you for this great article! The personality is "personal culture" - I love that. Also as the mask (per) through which we speak (sonare), the persona might be viewed as the surface layer of the deeper self, which wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism tell us.

Thought provoking

I agree with Mary Jane. Dr Ninvaggi's articles always have a lot of food for thought. I liked the explanation of the Big Five, and sure enough, it does seem that most people will be dominant in two of those five traits. The other thing that is interesting is the citing of the Blue Angels. They are agreeable and conscientious which translates into them being admired and likable. But what about other branches of the military? It seems to me that a Navy Seal may be pulling in a different two of the Big Five. I guess it all goes to show how the thousands of years of human history are still being blended together and put on exhibition. Whether it is an Angel or a Seal, a hunter/gatherer or a warrior, a feminine or a masculine , it all still continues to flow into that human "river" we are riding down. Another thought provoking article!


I loved the article, very thoughtful and thorough. He is a tremendous asset and has a high reliability personality! Bravo

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Frank John Ninivaggi, M.D., F.A.P.A., is an Associate Attending physician at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine. more...

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