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Can Psilocybin Mushrooms Help Cure Mental Illness?

"Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, is proving a prodigious treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction, and one study even found it might lead to neurogenesis, or the regrowth of brain cells.” Read More

My experience

I lived in SF in the 60s; used to say, “If you can drop it, snort it, or smoke it, I’ve tried it.” I can't say that anymore; too many new substances have entered the illicit marketplace, and my druggie days have long since passed. But I did love psilocybin. Never a bad trip. There may be negatives associated with it; my experience was always positive.

In addition to the benefits you write about, I think there is one other:

Rather than inducing hallucinations, it (other so-called hallucinogens, as well) relaxes the filter, through which we humans normally view surroundings. The filter that convinces us a computer chair we sit upon (for example) is solid, instead of what it really is: billions of minute particles, congregating together, engaged in their voluntary and intricate dance. In truth, the world dances around us, while we, filtered and distracted, fail to see. So-called hallucinogens allow access to that dancing world. And I’ve no regrets for having seen the wonder that surrounds us.

Used carefully, in moderation...

Despite what I see as great potential for the use of hallucinogenics in addiction treatment, I think the best use might be to open channels for psychotherapy, rather than to blunt cravings for other substances. There is danger in these drugs, too, if used improperly. Hallucinogens may facilitate great insight into the self and into the causes of a person's addiction. But psilocybin or LSD or other hallucinogens carry risk along with reward.

Good to hear this.

With the potential treatment of those very serious illnesses, hopefully it can rally enough support that the FDA won't just shut it down cold i.e. cannabinoids as possible medicine for tumors.

Isn't there some sort of

Isn't there some sort of addiction treatment from South American Shaman types that uses hallucinogens? Didn't Bill W like to cruise around with a little blotter acid in his pocket in case he felt the need to drink.

Big Pharma may not have any interest in this bout our society and therefore our government should. Lets take some of the war on drugs money and spend it on this. Lets pull some of the money from the Bureau of Prisons, is isn't like they do anything constructive with it.
What does NIAAA have to say about this.

Of course if we put people back in control of their drug use we won't have a war to fight or people to put in prisons and NIAAA will be unnecessary. Maybe corporate America should fund the research. Surely they have an interesting in decreasing the lost productivity rates of their employees.

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Constance Scharff, Ph.D. is the Senior Addiction Research Fellow and Director of Addiction Research at Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center.


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