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The Dangers of Combining Alcohol and Marijuana

Did you know that using pot and alcohol together is a dangerous combination? Learn about the dangers of combining these two drugs. Read More

This sounds like it is

This sounds like it is potentially dangerous to everyone but it is mostly pointed towards new/young users.
I have never seen this occur in the drug addicts I knew, and I knew a lot of them.


I've been drinking beer and smoking weed together for 47 rs. No problems here. And i enjoy it. Looking forward to marijuana being legal here in NY soon.

I combine marijuana and

I combine marijuana and alcohol in responsible amounts almost daily and I find it to be a peaceful interaction. The marijuana taken in small amounts with a couple cocktails spaced apart and a meal in between drinks is gentle enough for my body. When I smoke or vaporize marijuana it helps me pace myself with the drinking. As far as for weed preventing vomiting, most people aren't drinking enough to need to throw up. I know a lot marijuana users and none of them are binge drinkers. The interaction you are describing sounds like it is targeted to young people who are new to drinking and have no sense of moderation. Perhaps you should mention in your article that not every combined drinker/marijuana user will face these problems when common sense and moderation is applied.

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