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Sleep Aids and Anti-Anxiety Meds Can Kill: A New Study

A new study following 100,000 people shows the dangers of sleep aids and anti-anxiety medications. Read More

Alcohol to cover depression and anxiety

I used alcohol to mask the symptoms of depression and anxiety. When alcohol started abusing me back I has both depression and anxiety and, now, alcoholism.
First I gave up alcohol and right after that I went to get AD and anxiety drugs. I don't think I could have fixed one problem without simultaneously tackling the other.

Anytime we use medication we have to determine if it is worth it. The simplest way to do this is to compare what problems will I have if I do not sleep and what problems will I have if I take pills to sleep. That is the simplest way, it doesn't include things like pyschological dependence, etc.

Death, however, is a final consequence. Benzos have been around for quite awhile, why did we not know of this sooner.
My doctor doesn't even like to prescribe them because of the problems with dependence. Why did we not know this?

When we find things like this out we tend to tell the patient but does anyone tell the FDA that their criteria for testing drugs is flawed. There are so many drugs that hurt us that are classified as safe. How do they get through the testing.

I got a little off topic there but I wonder who is driving the bus. Anyone. No One, Big Pharma. Who?

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