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Writing Helped Me In Recovery

I had a similar experience. I bounced between too many rehabs and psych wards in my mid-to-late twenties. Nothing really stuck until I decided to write my own book. By writing my novel The Go-Go Girl I felt that I was able to purge my drug fantasies and convoluted feelings. I wrote all my thoughts and feelings down and let the characters of the story live them out instead of me. I believe this is what has helped me stay clean for 4 years. I also put in the work to stay clean, but I know writing was the biggest key. Writing for yourself is the most important thing. If you can tell your story it will help you and anyone else that reads it. @kevinjamesmoore

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Richard Taite is CEO and founder of the Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center in Malibu, California and co-author of the book Ending Addiction for Good.


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