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Nutritional Supplements Could Help With ADHD Treatment

For those who do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs, micronutrient supplements show promise for ADHD symptom control, according to a new study. Read More

From the research, are there

From the research, are there certain micronutrients/combinations that work best? My son has ADHD, and he has not responded well to meds. They work to improve his attention span, but turned him from a hyper, distracted, fun-loving full-of-life kid into a focused but irritable, cranky and sometimes angry boy. I'm not against meds at all and I would have been ecstatic if they'd been helpful for us, but they weren't. And if they work for others, then more power to them.

But, this would be on option I'd like to explore. Where can I get more information about this?

NEBA Test May Help

You already have had a bad experience in case of your kid. However, you should consult some good psychiatrist regarding why the micronutrients did not work on your kid in the way you were told. Some tests like the one called NEBA would help you further in this work. And this article will be more helpful in finding an appropriate test regarding why the doze did not work. http://southshoretms.com/neba-first-brain-wave-test-for-adhd-approved-by...

Response to Kim

Last year I spoke at the International Conference on Naturopathic Medicine in Paris (http://icnmnaturopathy.org/). There I heard several wonderful presentations on ADHD and nutrition. I would suggest finding and working with a naturopathic physician. Don't know where to find one in your area? Check out http://www.naturopathic.org/

Best wishes!

vitamins supplements

I believe nutritional supplements and vitamins are better choice rather than pharmacuticals. These vitamins can provide your body the required minerals and everything you need to be strong while you are in the middle of getting rid of ADHD.

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