Emotional Sobriety

Recovering from substance addiction—without becoming addicted to spirituality.

Stop the Self-Diagnosis

I assure you, most people have binge watched a TV-show when they could have been at the gym. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be more active, but diagnosing ourselves as deficient when we don’t hit the mark isn’t helping matters. And it’s just not true (and it’s just not kind). Read More

Great article!

This article on self-compassion is really great. As it is asked at the end, here is one unique way to practice self-compassion - Know Your Real Self! In order to practice self-compassion consistently, it is crucial to know who you actually are, what is your nature, how much you are responsible for anything done good or bad, and how to deal with your own characteristics. That is why I decided to attend a self-realization ceremony and now self-compassion is more instantaneous and quicker:

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Ingrid Mathieu, Ph.D., specializes in the intersection of spirituality and addiction. Her book, Recovering Spirituality, centers on the problem of using spirituality to avoid real recovery. more...

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