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When Vision Becomes Tunnel Vision

Having a vision is a powerful tool. It means that you are honoring your goals, aspiring towards them, and taking risks to expand your horizons. But sometimes our visions for ourselves subtly turn into tunnel vision. We can't see anything that contradicts our intentions and desires. We get selective perception, which limits our ability to remain open and to see things clearly. Read More

tunnel of fear

Looking at this blog really cleared things up for me because just recently i was seeing my life through a tunnel. I was just worried about what i ate and how much i ate and how much exercise i could get in one day.my daily routine of going to the restroom just to pull my shirt up and look to see if i was still skinny. but the reality was that i was so focused on looking skinny that i missed out on what others were doing around me. i literally was trapped by this way of living and the thoughts that compelled me to live like this. Finally one day i was able to see that i am perfect just the way i am and that i do ot need to worry or set my eyes on things that will just fade away but i needed to just live for today and to focus on the things that bring me joy and bring others peace. The things that bring me joy are limited to one main thing,Jesus he is my prince of peace in a kingdom of confusion. he is my strength when i am weak he is my lover when i am lonely. he is healer when i am sick he is my everything and knowing my identity is found in him brings freedom to mind heart and body. He took me out of the tunnel of worry and fear and showed me the possibilities of faith and righteousness

Well said

Although sometimes we do need to go through that tunell and, like those horses with blind folds at the side, race forward to our goal - paying to regard to distraction. However bunking down in life to a less desirable spot simply out of fear that what lies further will be worse is no way to go. You don't have to plunge yourself out of the tunnel, sometimes taking one small step at a time is better if you're a bit more fearful about your situation.

That's how I go about it, slowly but steadily moving on.

Well written.

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