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10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Magically Romantic

Creating magical moments in your relationship is something everyone thinks about, but few people do. Perhaps it's because they actually can't think of exactly what to do. Here are ten "acts of love" that you can do with and for your partner to bring a little more romance into your relationship. Read More

What a nice positive article!

What a nice positive article! I have inadvertently done many of your suggestions and appreciate discovering the others mentioned. It is nice to think that the small, sweet things, still have value.


Great ideas! In the end, though, don't you think romance is largely a function of your compatibility with your partner? Hayden Dane, an author, makes a strong argument in his e-book at www.haydendane.com
Combine your ideas with his thoughts on compatibility, and you'd have a romance-filled relationship for a lifetime.

missed an item or two

These are very nice but none of it means diddly if you are a husband and if you don't significantly help with the laundry or dishes----signed slow learning, reformed husband! :-)

Great ideas but...

...some paragraphs or page brakes would make this article magically easier to read!

Happy Marriage

Marriage continues to be identified by many people with different points of views. But the article covers the facts that can be brought about to make happy marriage. Like it

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Magical Coffee

For the last 11 years, my (now) husband has brought me my coffee in bed EVERY MORNING! Sometimes in the nude, YAAAY!

Amazingly powerful, especially when we're having a hard time. Something so simple as graciously accepting his gift, and pausing his morning rush to make sure he hears my "Thank you, Sweetheart."

When we got married, a wise friend gave us two gifts. The first was a promise that if we did ONE nice thing for the other every single day, we'd have a strong union. The other was a cheese grater. Guess which gift we still have.

great gift

We marry without having any idea what it's going to entail. Everyone says, "marriage takes work." But to have specific strategies, especially if your parents did not give you clear examples through their daily lives, is so valuable. Your friend gave you some wonderful advice, and your thriving relationship gives the rest of us hope. I especially appreciate the part about doing the kind deed even when things are rough between you. That shows grit. It's easy to be nice when everyone's happy. Hugs to you both. Keep up the good work!

Soul Mates till the end!

My husband and I are about to celebrate our 7th year anniversary and more in love than ever because we always communicate well, respect each other, and very honest. Even the little things married people do for each other can win a heart over! Great article, thanks


Gives me hope that romance is not completely dead!


This gives me hope that romance isn't completely dead!

10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Magically Romantic

My goodness! I will keep an eye out for some - sounds amazing. Thanks for the great read! :)

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How To Be Romantic

Some very nice points, but just be yourself and stay true to your partner. They love that and it will keep everything fresh. Oh, and stay selfless.

its nice to be inluv

this makes me realize how important it is to show to your partner how much you love and care for them,, and be showy to your feelings towards your partner


Nice positive article. Too bad my Wife is the least romantic woman I know. If I bought 2 roses she would ask "why did you spend 6 bucks?" We havent had sex in nearly 6 months.

Also Article

Yeah, I'm with Dennis. This article is a load of crap. I do all that stuff, and my wife could care less. Romance is a waste of time and a load of BS designed to sell flowers, chocolates, jewelry and greeting cards. You're born, you work, you die. That's life.

i wish

I wish it did work. My wife wants a divorce my family is shattered I need a miracle not psychology.

Nice information, I am also

Nice information, I am also doing research on "mind body and soul" topics. I published a post about the relationship with your partner. here is my thoughts in the blog http://healthy-body-and-happy-mind.blogspot.com


Thank god for your blog. This could very well spread even if it gets no views. I already plan on tellin someone. Anyway im only 21
being romantic is unfortunately expensive unless your a natural charmer. I on the other hand am an average lover so I give credit where its due and thats with green paper
Lucky for me i found an offer to help me earn more money i joined an mlm business and am now saving up. Feels great really. Although now that I have money I dont have the honey. AHhhh the tribulation!
But I digress thanks again for your input, this will someday have a woman loose her whole mind and soul over me. Lucky for her Im a keeper, thank the lord.

For all the growlers out there...

FOr those of you who claim that your wife couldn't care less about romance, fine. Don't do the 'romantic' stuff.
But tell her out of the blue how nice she looks and she'll smile.
Give her a cup of coffee in the morning and she will smile.
DO the dishes for her and she will smile.
Look at her and hold her hand for no reason, then give it a squeeze and let go, and she will smile.
Give her a quick hug when you get home.
Ask her about her day instead of focussing on the tv at all times.
Do you get this yet? You don't have to spend money, but instead spend your time and attention on her and you will reap what you spend ten-fold.
Will it happen overnight?

No. She might be like a scared deer that you've been barking and snarling at for a very long time. You may have to devote some time to turning her around.
But if she is worth it. And she still loves you. And you still love her...

It's not like it would cost you any money. Just your time and attention. The tv will likely still be there tomorrow, you know.

not that simple.

Love does die. It can die because one or both of you neglected it, or for a reason beyond your control, like your partner having depression and refusing to seek treatment (like my brother's wife.) I think this article is aimed at people who have not completely killed their love for each other yet, who have some small thread that they can work to rebuild, or those whose relationships are already relatively stable. Think Miracle Max in the Princess Bride :-) If love is only partly dead, and both participants want to revive it, they can. But once one or both throw in the towel, it's beyond this kind of treatment. And it only takes one to give up. One person alone cannot carry an entire relationship. I know. I've tried.

Make some efforts. Try to express your desire to save the relationship, offer to go to counseling, to do your part to change. If it is not accepted, cut your losses and divorce. Free yourself up to find happiness again. I wish you all luck and love. Namaste.


I think the behaviors in this article can help healthy but a bit jaded relationships, but not highly dysfunctional ones.

Hey Dr. Barton

Are you married? Buy you a coffee? Not even kidding a little.
Divorced white natural female, 46. Beautiful, inside and out.
:-)You have my email. Ask whatever you like. And have a great day.


I really only wrote a comment for directing attention to my mlm business which worked out for me, but now I see other's opinions and it makes me think, love is what u feel inside for that other person and vice versa. Spark that emotion up and make it stronger. People say "follow your heart", that could very well meen that if you feel like buying her coffee, do so, and then tell her why you did it. If the woman needs to do her man a favor, do so, and find the way to tell him this is why I don't mind doing what I do.

But think that the other will know whether it is done truly or because they've been lookin online for help. Stay true. Do what u gotta do even spen$.

Real Love stories

Please read the love stories


As I was reading your article, I couldn't help but think how my former relationship was completely devoid of each and every suggestion for romance. I would've loved to try any one of your suggestions...but, couldn't seem to get his attention long enough. I now know he was afraid of commitment and extremely passive-aggressive (both, new phenomena for me). If someone tells you, "You want the fairytale", get ready...You won't make the mistake of thinking he is your Prince Charming. But, it's never too late to find romance! It's out there! Move on!


ten ways

honest ideas


I always wonder why do some people get back with their ex lovers ?Based on my personal experience it's lather, rinse and repeat. Ex is short for "expired" My advice is to prolong the shelf life of the relationship by keeping the communication line open 24/7 and try to as unpredictable as often as possible,add pizzazz--the chemistry will get bored with the same old stuff.
I am not saying that a relationship won't work the second time around,but don't let it reach to that point.
Stay blessed

Drive up the coast?

Does no one in the flyover states read?

It is very easy to be

It is very easy to be romantic in your relationship when you value the love of your spouse. Direct eye contact is an excellent way of showing how much you care for your spouse. Your spouse feel romantically inclined towards you when you appreciate him\her for whatever contribution he\she makes for the family. Small physical gestures like a wink, a hug or even a peck in the cheeks is what romance is all about. Excellent tips and interestingly written also.

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