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Never Too Early to Learn Low-fat: Part 3

To address the increasing prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity, conventional recommendations include low-fat dairy and lean proteins. Does the evidence support this position? Is there a potential for harm to growing children if these recommendations are followed? Read More

My son is allergic to milk

My son is allergic to milk and eggs, so I feed him lots of avocado, flax, sunflower seed butter, and coconut oil.

Allergy to milk

You may want to try ghee as it is almost completely free of the milk proteins that cause allergic reactions, and many children can tolerate it. Also, for the vitamins A and K2, liver is a good food, but most kids turn their noses up at, at least initially. I have had success making meatloaf using 1/4 ground liver and 3/4 ground meat, the flavor does not shout liver, especially if you soak the liver in something like lemon juice and water. If you do supplement with vitamin D, use one that has vitamin A and vitamin K2 in it. Klaire Labs and Allergy Research make good products. Coconut oil, avocado, flax and sunflower are have good fats, but they will not have any of the vitamins A, D, or K2, as with the exception of fermented vegetables that contain K2, and some mushrooms that contain vitamin D2, only animal products contain these important fat soluble nutrients. Interestingly, in doing further research, it appears that vitamin K2 is important in nervous system function as well. Our bodies can make a certain amount from the K1 in green vegetables, but not usually the optimal amount for health.

Thank you!! Our allergist has

Thank you!! Our allergist has not given us any of this info. He only recommended a calcium supplement. He does eat red meat and fish, but I've never cooked liver before. Something to try!

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