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On the Advantages of Anger

Are there uses for anger in our lives? Read More

There Are No Advantages To Anger.

Anger, (And ALL negative emotions) are a HUGE WASTE.
They are self-inflicted harm. They are our REACTIONS
to slights to the ego.
We should have as small an ego as possible, then there is
nothing to be angry about.

The circumstances are important

The first thing I learned when I got to law school was the importance of the circumstances and facts within cases. One action taken under certain circumstances would be considered negligent/violent/culpable, etc. While if the same thing was done in another context (self-defense vs. unprovoked aggression and the like) it was entirely appropriate and, sometimes, laudable.

With battered women--for example-- their anger would seem vitally necessary to come to terms with the true nature of their spouse. A "small ego" in an abusive environment can be a decidedly dangerous trait.

Perhaps we should spend more time focused on the "setting" (so to speak) and the emotional structures which would lead to greater resilience within them, rather than make blanket statements about the validity of an entire emotion.

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Sheila Kohler teaches at Princeton. She is the author of many books including Dreaming for Freud, Becoming Jane Eyre, and Cracks, which was made into a film with Eva Green.


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