Dreaming for Freud

The internal conflicts

Sheila Kohler teaches at Princeton. She is the author of many books including Dreaming for Freud, Becoming Jane Eyre, and Cracks, which was made into a film with Eva Green.


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About Dreaming for Freud

A young girl is brought to Freud in Vienna by her father in 1900.  She suffers from a plethora of symptoms: cough, suicidal ideas, and fainting fits. Freud is at the start of his career and needs both the money from this difficult patient  to feed his family,  as well as the girl's dreams to prove his theories. The two protagonists, the analyst and the analysand,  engage in a battle of wits and the story traces what happens to both of them during the three months they spend together as well as flashing forward to their future lives. 

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