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Can so empathize with Rae

Can so empathize with Rae Smith's comments. That's a mirror image of my relationship with my Mother. I'm an only child & don't have a sibling to share this experience with and now have my Mother living with my husband & I because she was evicted from her apt. I will say that the clean out was very surprisingly easy (I had great help from great extended family) but this last stage of my Mother's life is destined to be the hardest. I will say that I've steeled myself and have largely already mourned the loss of my relationship with her. In other words, I don't hear any cries for the other side of the wall anymore..............

Carol, that's heartbreaking.

Carol, that's heartbreaking. It's so hard to wrap your head around the idea of someone being in the same house with you and yet be so far away. I'm glad you have a support system with your family. Has your mothers collection begun to encroach your personal space at your house yet?

No. We wont allow it in our

No. We wont allow it in our home. Got rid of most everything as she had no "valuable treasure." It is heartbreaking, but I've accepted the fact that I drew the short straw in the parents dept. Best of luck to you!

It's good that you were able

It's good that you were able to set that boundary. And I know that it's difficult to separate our mothers from their disorder, but hopefully you have some positive memories and experiences with her. She's in there, some where. Feel free to email me to let me know how things are going.

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