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Dear Bachelor Producers, Please Seek Professional Help

Of the 17 completed seasons of The Bachelor, eight relationships ended in a matter of weeks and another five were over before their first anniversary. In the absence of male competition, choosing a woman based on her suitability for a short-term relationship might be the best strategy for a single man, but it makes for lousy television. Read More

Once again...

...I am forced to point out something ridiculously obvious (even to someone who, like me, never watches "The Bacherlor").

Yes, the format of "The Bachelor" WOULD be a stupid way to find true love, IF anyone on the show were actually seeking true love (let alone marriage). But that's not the case.

As a rule, the people appearing "The Bachelor" and similar shows are aspiring actresses, singers and models who bcome contestants primarily because they think (rightly or wrongly) that the exposure will be good for their careers.

Third-rate quarterback Jesse Palmer turned his stint on "The Bachelor" into a broadcasting career. Think he really cares whether he's still with the woman he chose?

Think any of the women Jesse DIDN'T pick were heartbroken? Of course not- they were all hoping the show would bring them a few acting or modeling gigs, not an engagement ring.

"the bachelor"

What the shows [for the guy or girl "looking for love"] really come down to is making ABC into a PIMP Company.

I won't watch the shows, though have caught parts of them over the years, and seems to me that at least 5 sexual encounters happen per 25 'potential partners'. [as I don't watch, I 'low-balled' my estimate - it may be 10-15.]

And the women, bursting into tears at being eliminated -- WHAT?? They barely got to know a guy in a month or two, and they cry like it's a 10 year relationship!

All this -- from a show that STARTED AS A JOKE - the first guy a NOT "a catch", and Was Not RICH! When the JOKE was exposed at the end - it just proved that the women were After The Money, not the Person.

Columbia, Eastern Europe and Tehran…..

From my experiences having travelled around the world the “bachelor” is very true in many countries such as Colombia, Ukraine, Hungary, Russia and especially in places like Iran. In these countries the single available men have left the country to find work in the west. And a vast number do not come back to marry opting to marry women from their newly adopted nations. So this leaves a vast number of single, viable women back in the home front. And this really throws things into a biological loop.
But don’t look to far off our shores, the same have happened here in the US during Vietnam and happens every day in cities like NYC where there are 2 single women for every 1 man.

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