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"Documentary" Presents Distorted View of Wolves. Take 2

Removed from American distribution, Man-Eating Super Wolves will air in Britain.

tIn response to criticism of its attempts to raise public fear of wolves to fever pitch, Animal Planetappears to have pulled from U.S. distribution itshysterical and factually inaccurate faux documentary, Man-Eating Super Wolves  [see blog posting for May 26, “’Documentary Presents Distorted View of Wolves.”

 What it did not do was pull it from viewing in other countries.  As a reader points out in the comments to my original post, Animal Planet plans to premier the program on June 5 in the United Kingdom, where the last wolf was killed some four centuries ago. 

  Given that historical reality, it is difficult to see the program as anything other than fear mongering.   To make your thoughts on this bit of broadcasting skullduggery known to Animal Planet and its parent company, the Discovery Channel hand, you can call this viewer complaint number  [1-571-262-4899].

Wolves and a bear scavenge a dead whale.
Wolves and bear share a whale carcass.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.



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