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Back to School: Should Laptops and Smart Phones Be Banned from the Classroom?

With school starting for many this week I'm wondering if less is more when it comes to technology in the classroom. We often assume that technological advances (such as laptops and smart phones for example) may help students learn better. Yet there seems to be problematic unintended consequences with so many of these devices. Read More

Smart phones are sooooo smart...

...who needs school or professors? I got Wikipedia!

Your dumm wikipedia is not

Your dumm wikipedia is not even a reliable source!

Technology in the Classroom

Here is my take on this issue from a blog post I wrote last week:

GSM phones

I personally believe that laptops and phones should be used only for emergency calls and in specific timings.

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Thomas Plante, PhD, ABPP, is the Augustin Cardinal Bea, SJ University Professor at Santa Clara University and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University.


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