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Words of Wisdom Wednesday: A Few Words On The Mother-Daughter Bond

Does the generation gap still exist in 2009?

Author Mary Jo Rapini knows a thing or two about mothers and daughters. During the course of her decade-long career as a psychotherapist, she's confronted everything from body image issues to intimacy issues to parenting issues. Now, she's brought her expertise to the page with her book, ""Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom About Health, Sex, or Whatever," by Bayou Press. She offers these gems of wisdom that are the perfect recipe for strengthening the mother-daughter bond. Look for a few more words of wisdom from her tomorrow...

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"Our society continually tries to tell women what they should be. More beautiful, more thin, more engaging, and more receptive to other's needs. We have forgotten that these girls are the potential leaders and mothers of the next generation"

"I am asking other mothers to get behind their daughters and make a difference. Listen to them, guide them, and don't try to make them popular. Support them so they can become what they are destined to be."


Melissa Blake is a normal 20-something living with an abnormal disorder.


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