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Technology Is Here to Stay, Get Over It!

Addicted kids and addicted adults. Is addictive technology similar to reading a good book? Is our fascination with technology nothing new? Same old, same old? I don't think so. Read More

"left brain is pushing the

"left brain is pushing the right brain out of existence"
Is this a metaphor or do you mean this physically? I am thinking about the London cab drivers with the big hippocampus region of the brain.
I can think of nothing more detrimental to society than losing its artists.

left brain is pushing the

I was using it metaphorically, but now that you mention it . . . hmmm, good point

Perhaps I'm Understanding What You're Saying?

If my understanding is correct, you are on the side of "electronics are addicting and ruining us" side of the debate? If so, while I do agree with parts of your article, are there some exceptions?
Perhaps this is mainly applied to the younger generation? I've grown up with books, and regardless of how much I'm on my phone nowadays, I still read a lot. And even when I'm on my phone, at least half of the time I'm reading on it.
Sorry, I don't want to come across as rude, but I'm just curious as to who this all applies to.

Perhaps I'm understanding

Thanks for comment

Hope you're reading in depth and remember what you've read. Have you cut your reading by 50%? Or increased it?

all articles are based on averages and probabilities. Rarely does anything apply to all persons.

good luck

along the same line...

Rather than compare books and computers/smart phones, etc... should we be comparing the use of TV and computers / smart phones.

Are we spending now less time watching TV but more time playing video games, surfing the net ?

In general I think that, like what this article suggests, the way we use current technology is making us more left brain and less fully human. A step backward in evolution so to speak.

What I notice in business is that we hide behind email because we don't want to pick up the phone or meet people in person whenever there is emotional content. So it seems that we not exercising our emotional muscles as much as previous generations.

Left-brain & technology

Thanks for comment. I like the emotional muscles analogy.

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