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Are Private Schools Bad for America?

Are parents deserting public schools? If so, what happens to the American melting pot? Will well-off parents support their local schools? Read More

Public schools

Public schools, like public toilets, are examples of aiming for the lowest common denominator. If that is all you aspire to for your child, so be it. We will always need people in the food service industry.

Online Education

Hicks wrote:
The whole idea of creating a public school system was to ensure that our children ... have the opportunity to interact with children of varying ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds.

You see… if you start out the article with made-up facts, no one is going to take you seriously.

But unfortunately, this is what schools have become.

Public education is a playground for social do-gooders that want to experiment on our children. They want to reshape the world into their ideal utopia. This is why smart people pull their kids out of public schools. They don't want their kids brainwashed.

The good news is that public education is about to undergo a radical change thanks to technology. Just like universities that are offering online classes, it won't be long until the neighborhood school become an empty community center. I can't wait for that day. All the union thugs that indoctrinate our children will be out of work. And us taxpayers will finally get a break.

Homeschool is yet another wonderful option

My spouse and I were products of the public school system forty years ago. We planned the same for our child. Our education was challenging and prepared us for our future careers.

It shocked us how different public education had become today - dumbed down, teaching to the test, lack of physical activity, unreasonable rules that do not take into account the individuality of students.

Sure, we could have sent our child to private school. Unfortunately, the estimates of this author are far from correct across the country. In my area, it isn't uncommon to have private K-12 schools ask for $20-$30,000 per year. This isn't a uniformly wealthy community - just a coastal region with higher costs and more demand.

Why spend the equivalent of college tuition for K-12?

The result...Homeschool. For our family it has been incredible journey and a joy and we have a large homeschool community. Homeschool doesn't come without some huge sacrifices (like losing one of two incomes and careers), but wow to spend so much quality time with your children.

The author made a great

The author made a great argument that private schools are bad. Coming from a public school, I don't find myself stupid or uneducated. Sure private schools may have better teachers but public schools are meant to prepare you for the real world, private schools do not do that. When you pursue your education into college, this is where the individual can take one step ahead of the public school system. College is where you hone your studies and k-12 is where you get an understanding of your environment, other cultures and other religious perspectives. Why should it be the parent’s decision to force where their kid goes to school? A parent’s job is to coach and raise their kids and teach those values that they believe in so their children can use those skills in the real world. In a private school you are brainwashed to think a certain way because you do not get any other perspectives, while in public schools, you can get multiple perspectives. In public schools, you get to play around with what your parents taught you and what other people think about your morals and believes. If you don't have people to question your beliefs then you think that there is only one right way, which doesn't make you a critical thinker. I know a kid who has been in private school all his life and he lacks basic communication skills and is not open minded. He has no social skills and is a high end Christian. Parents can only do so much for their children; they shouldn't try to hold their hand all their lives. There is just something’s only experience can teach us, not a book.

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Mack Hicks, Ph.D., is a psychologist and author of The Digital Pandemic: Reestablishing Face-to-Face Contact in the Electronic Age.


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