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Bullying @ Work

Bullying doesn’t just happen at school. It’s happening in the workplace. Whether it’s in an office or a football field, co-workers are bullying other co-workers. Read More

What field do you think has

What field do you think has the least narcissistic and ego-driven employees? -- Where the focus is on people and not the bottom-line per se, nor butting heads with people wish to throw you under the bus so they can stand out?

Maybe a career focus should not be about using your talents, but where you'll have longevity and a career? People who want to earn a living should have a right to do so, free of bullying.

It's hard to say which field

It's hard to say which field has the least narcissistic amount of employees, especially when society has been injected with mediums like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, where most people are trying to get some sort of attention.

I'm not quite sure if the questions that followed your first were meant to be a point or were more questions for me.

Well one-time I worked in a

Well one-time I worked in a position that was more social services related...that was temporary before I got a job in marketing. I was there for 3 months and the people were really nice -- they missed me when I left, especially the low-income clients we had to look out for.

The staff was focused on making other people's lives happier instead of themselves -- nobody tried to stab anybody. The clients were the "star" instead...that's where the focus was. But this job was not challenging and didn't really required any skills -- just talking to people...LOL and meeting their needs, like providing friendly conversations and taking part in their activities. It was not intellectually stimulating. The job was very easy -- relaxing to a point. lol.

Bully supported by influential person who's got their back.

And the bully in the workplace, plays the victim. The bully is always the favorite of the boss or someone very influential there. More bosses should support new employees properly...they are fresh meat on the market; it helps that you show them respect and value their contribution infront of others. I know this goes against all the introverted stereotyped advice -- but if you criticize and diss the employee publicly, then that is far worse. The employee most likely to bully will follow suit. To them -- that is a go ahead to bully. And they are the most to look at you as a role model...because they want that child-parent type bond. You should show the bully, that everyone gets a turn to shine. It's a team work environment...they are not the "only" child who should get all the attention.

The bully is very charismatic (extroverted in nature) and influential to boot -- so they get team support easily. Documenting does nothing unless you've been at the company way past your probation period (past the bullying phase), like well over a year in length.

Most people being bullied are new employees. You could be friendly, a great worker and all...but if there's a person there out to stab you -- they will do it. This bully as a person has a STRONG need to be noticed, well-liked and admired; and in their eyes, there is only room for ONE SUPERSTAR. If you work in a BIG company - then your department can have only one superstar on the team (in the bully's eyes). If you work in a SMALL company, like 10 people -- then there can only be one superstar in the company (in the bully's eyes). These bullies throw their weight around because someone influential has got their back -- you'll have to kiss ass frequently and get on their good side. If they don't like you for whatever reason -- you have NO chance in hell of working there.

bully never gets fired

Of course the bully is never the party that gets fired...because he/she manipulates and plays people who will support them.

A "company cultural fit" for an employee basically boils down to not being bullied...but nobody words it that way.

A lot of psychologists just don't understand the dynamics at play in a bullying situation --- because they've never been there. Lucky them. It's better to have an autonomous job! They like to pull out the familiar FEAR card...and go all primal on people -- Darwinism. Sorry but I am not an animal...I'm a complex human being with complex social problems. Study humans for once, not animals!

It sounds to me like you're

It sounds to me like you're referencing new hires who are bullied. if that's the case, then yes. New employees have not been able to build credibility or a support system at work because have not been there long enough; therefore, it's important to involve HR and the hiring manager.

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Bullying - Timing is everything...

I repeatedly asked for help for a project director who "self-appointed" himself as the director for the major corporate intranet I was webmaster for. There were slaps on the wrist. I quietly aligned the with the company EAP who worked with HR for me to change jobs. I had to take a 10% cut in pay to move (in fact, the VP of IT did not believe anyone would take a cut in pay). Which triggered a huge internal investigation. The VP was laid off. Anyone who bullies, needs to realize their victim might not be much of a victim, but someone laying in wait.

mobbing no bullying!

it is called mobbing

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