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Paleo is the best

People are trying to stop Paleo. That's how we know
it works.

Paleo is nonsense in a way.

Paleo is nonsense in a way. Its not unhealthy, but its not special either. Its basically restricting calories, like any other diet. Paleo appeals strongly to young men I've found, but I was an Atkins fan when I was younger until I learned the real mechanism behind it.

Why is restricting (perhaps

Why is restricting (perhaps this in itself is a bad word choice?) certain foods a bad thing? I don't like to let myself eat too many things that are unhealthy choices. I feel much better eating things that taste good and are also good for me. Why is this a bad thing? I feel like I have a good relationship with food.

Eating is about fueling your body (and soul), so why is making healthy choices a bad thing? Keeping your body weight stable is also a healthy habit.

For those who developed a bad relationship with food...

These steps outlines in intuitive eating are useful for those who has severed the natural relationship most people have with food. The bad/good dichotomy outlined in fad diets and social media can cut-off individuals from their ability to self-regulate when they are chronic dieters or have other food issues. Once no food is off limits, and all food is acceptable to eat, the associations people have with bad foods (and the ironic need to over eat these foods when they are "off limits") with typically go away and natural eating will begin. I am recovering from anorexia and at first all I truly wanted were those foods that were "bad, too high in calories, nutrient deficient, etc.". Now, a few years later, I enjoy a wide range of foods, mostly whole, natural foods because it is simply what I enjoy :)

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Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Boise State University.


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