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WOW. I watched that vid about

WOW. I watched that vid about men being photoshopped. I had seen the ones about women, so it's no surprise that men get the same treatment, but it is depressing.
And surprise! I've had body image problems, even been mocked by other men because of it. I used to avoid the beach so I wouldn't have to be seen without a shirt. It's ridiculous.
I think one thing to do is to do something with your body that gives you a sense of accomplishment. I remember this middle aged woman at the gym, who lifted heavy weights, heavier than most of the men. A friend’s wife is 46 years old, and is a category 1 bicycle racer (the highest amateur rank). All of the younger women are inspire by her. A few are intimidated.
Bodies are meant to do things, not look pretty.

Oh boy, those awful evil beautiful people

When did our culture suddenly decide that being beautiful was a bad attribute? Beautiful people are considered narcissists by many.

I applaud beautiful people, I respect them for not letting themselves get fat. I appreciate the time they take to choose clothing, do their hair and put on make-up. I like the way beautiful people hold themselves up and present themselves. I appreciate all the time they take to put their best foot forward.

America has turned into a nation of frumpy fat people who have an attitude about anyone who makes an effort to put themselves together. America is proud of its sweatpants, cargo shorts and giant teeshirts. America thumbs its nose at California. This is a really sad state of affairs. I say less neuroticism, anger and self-loathing, and a little more at the gym for everyone.

I agree with you

The extreme frumpiness is all around us, especially here in the Midwest. That makes those of us who work hard and pay attention to dress and body maintenance - stand out even more.

I do not understand the attitude either. It takes a lot of effort, discipline and long term hard work to keep one's appearance up (note I did not say "younger looking" or anything about weight either).

Those are behaviors I can respect.

I partly agree too

It is of course very true that when beautiful people are unkind to less beautiful people because of their appearance that is totally unacceptable. But we must also keep in mind that many beautiful people do not behave like this. And I feel that beauty is not a good judge of who a person is, and people who aren't beautiful shouldn't fixate on it. If it's not one of their gifts, so what? There is so much more to be happy about yourself for and ways to improve yourself than just physical appearance. But it also really bothers me when people go too far and call beautiful people "unnatural" or assume they are mean or egotistical. They are not unnatural just because they are beautiful and they do not necessarily have a bad attitude.

Take Care

Ya'll take care of yourself. Live to perform and be healthy, which includes being a productive member of society, typically. Health matters, and health shows in how you look. Real that is, not fake.

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