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Blogging: What It Is, What It's Not, and Why We Even Bother

Bloggers are brave. They put their thoughts out into the world and sometimes receive an earful back. So why do they do it? Blogs are a commitment, the competition is fierce, and the reception is unpredictable. I pose the question to top bloggers Seth Godin and Neil Pasricha. Read More


Wow, what Seth Godin says is about perfect! I blog because I can't help it. I have 5 blogs (including one on Psych Today ( I'm insane. But my life is so intricate and complex, and there are so many things to say! I hope that my blogs entertain and inspire people, and let them know that they're not alone in fumbling along in this weird world. Blogging makes me feel not so alone.

Welcome and Thank You

Melissa, thanks for kicking off the discussion! Wow, 5 blogs is pretty amazing! It's so true, there are so many things to say ...we just want to change the world, that's all :)

Blogging is a way to test my

Blogging is a way to test my writing out in the free market, so to speak. There's no publisher or editor to decide what goes out. Just me.

It's the reaction that gives me clues as to what resonates and what doesn't.

I Have to Share What Spills Out of the Edges

Yes, part of it is network building, people that I hope will someday read and share my novels. But I have so many other ideas, too, that are NOT book-length: rants, books reviews, interviews, writing tips, essays, that blogging lets me share things that are not appropriate for a novel or novella.

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