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What to Do When You Are Your Own Worst Critic

What happens when you take over your family's role of criticizing yourself? Read More

One pertinent observation, perhaps

In the midst of this, do not ignore that in many peoples' lives the strong sense is that no, they are NOT allowed to make mistakes.

In many peoples' lives, their experience is that when other people make a mistake, it gets shrugged off, ignore or accepted, but when THEY make a mistake they get ridden ragged for it. If their response to this is that they believe they don't have the right to make mistakes, why would it be strange?

Further, how do they change their lives to be "allowed" to make mistakes like other people?

Ridden ragged

I agree. I have OCD and depression so I ruminate over things I have done. If you have replayed all your mistakes over and over, it is hard to start thinking you are OK.
If you combine this with the

      people criticize others for their behaviors than the praise them.
      When was the last time your boss said you did something right, probably some time ago. When, however, you do something wrong you will hear about it right away. Then you get to ruminate on the event until it is nearly impossible to forget it. It is no wonder we cannot let things go. All rumination is is rote memorization. If you begin to ponder on how you should have done something better you excercising another memorization technique call elaborative rehearsal.

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