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Large Increase in Suicide Rates Among 35 to 64 Year Olds

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a substantial increase in the suicide rate of persons 35 to 64 years old. No increase in suicide rates were observed in younger or older age groups. Suicide accounts for more deaths than motor vehicle accidents. Why might suicides be increasing in middle-aged people? Read More

Suicide Rate In Middle Age People

I took a quick look at the section and I apologize if my theory was included first off. To address the issue, the baby boomers are now dying off quickly. There should be more people around the age of 20 and 30 than any other age group this year. (2014) My point is the middle age group are probably the sons or daughters of the parents dying off. It is a direct correlation with the suicide rate. I.E. (Increased trauma, Increased Depression, so-on...) That's my idea of it anyway.


Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. The ones dying today from old age, etc., are the ones born before 1946 - known as the Silent Generation and the WWII generation.

The boomers are still a relatively young group with a very large population that are still alive - the oldest turned 68 on January 1, 2014.

poking the elephant blindfolded

All of the epidemiology of lethal suicide attempts doesn't get at causative and fundamental distressors. Thomas Joiner's Interpersonal Theory of Suicide gets as close as any to the root: sense of not belonging, perception of being a burden, and the learned capacity to kill oneself.

Suicide rates and attempt rates are inversely correlated with open and inclusively tolerant societies. The US is about as far from that as is possible. Safety nets for people who have had their jobs and careers yanked from underneath them (support), have then lost their homes and families and their places in their communities.

What, exactly, are they supposed to do to survive, let alone thrive?
Ergo, suicide.

People who are ostracized - especially whistleblowers - suffer irreparable harms to every facet of their lives - careers destroyed, blacklisted from employment, legal harassment, financial ruin and then see above. Kipling Williams and C Fred Alford's work go hand in hand and complement Joiner's.

And then let's take a gander at the state of the art treatment for suicidal ideation and attempts:

Call a hotline and get - who exactly? "a trained volunteer in crisis prevention"

What does she provide? A listening ear for a few minutes (calls are timed and cut off after time's up), and if the trained volunteer makes a snap judgment about "dangerousness", she, via call tracing, calls law enforcement.

If involuntarily taken from one's home or detained in a hospital, there is a total loss of civil rights for people who HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIME. Their detainment likely directly leads to loss of their housing (shelter beds are largely doled out via daily appointment-based lotteries - turn up absent, and not only the bed, but any locker stored belongings are tossed out), their jobs (sick days may or may not be used/employers may demand verification of hospitalization and then fire the employee - at will employment in most states), careers - licensed individuals may have their involuntary treatment reported to their respective licensing boards and be subject to penalties up to and including the loss of their license and professional practice/income/professional standing. I could go on and on.

People who seek treatment for suicidality will be told that the underlying "mental illness" is what's treated. Sho' enuff, suicidality IS NOT a DSM disorder. But courts allow the testimony of psychiatrists to serve as the sole authoritative voice and overrule victims' rights routinely. (By the way, the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality - CAMS - treatment isn't even recognized the "prestigious" psychiatric Hospital of one of its authors, Dr. Maltsberger. It's one of the very few therapeutic tools for the treatment of suicidality in and of itself as an entity).

Until the penalties for seeking help for the causative distressors of suicidality are removed, the treatment is immediately available and accessible to anyone who has psychache - Schneidman's term for unbearable psychological distress, and the leers, sneers and jeers of so-called treaters are abolished, there will be no overall declines in suicide rates.

Fat chance of that happening in my lifetime.

It's reassuring to see

It's reassuring to see someone articulate the obvious.

It's like the rest of society is blind to the carnage suffered by the older long term unemployed.

How could anyone possibly wonder why suicide rates increased or try to blame it on something else?

It is True!

Yes, it is true that suicide cases are increasing rapidly. However, in order to cease them, it is vital to educate people about the causes and consequences of suicide. In case of mental disorders, this education may or may not work but it is something that we all need to know beforehand. Luckily, I found a good source on suicide at

No such thing as Mental Disorders

There is no biological basis for any "Mental Disorders" - people are not "disordered", rather they behave in a disordered way when trying to cope with a disordered environment. According to the eminent Australian Psychologist and Author, Dr. Dorothy Rowe ("Beyond Fear", "Never Let the Bastards Win" and many others - Coping Mechanisms are wrongly labelled "disorders". Look to the Environment not to the Behaviour. Psychiatrists and Psychologists get relatives, teachers etc, tick behaviours (behaviuors as interpreted by checklist compilers, eg. "stubborn" for "strong minded" "argumentative" for "enquiring", etc., etc.) and "diagnose" "disorders" on that basis. Many Psychiatrists and Psychologists, who have attained their positions throught having a good memory - have a limited ability to understand - it is both unfortunate and criminal to allow unempathic, persons lacking in understanding to hold such positions. Many of whom are insipid characterless persons who regard any individualistic traits as "disorder". It is incredible, in this day and age that knowledge is confused with understanding - there is no correlation between both. Even those who have understanding are limited by years of subservient compliance and extreme deference for authority - are unable and or unwilling to operate without rules and regulations being unable and or unwilling to think and judge for themselves

Stop Suicide

Homeless shelters need to be replaced with "council housing," based upon one's ability to pay. Take care of the housing issue, and 99% of the problem is solved. People facing eviction, foreclosure, or struggle to come up with rent each month, should quickly be placed into government housing. Shelters are inhumane.

It is important to realize that the vast majority of suicides (more than 90%) are associated with major psychiatric disorders.

"It is important to realize that the vast majority of suicides (more than 90%) are associated with major psychiatric disorders."

Maybe that is the problem.

How many of us would want to live if we were diagnosed with a "major psychiatric disorder" --- especially if our family, friends, acquaintances and employers were informed?

Psychiatrists Destroy Lives

As quoted by the eminent Australian Psychologist and Author, Dr. Dorothy Rowe, "Psychiatrists Destroy Lives"

Suicidal Tendencies

I just read an article about people who would rather die than run out of money during their retirement. Of course the article implied the people themselves are to blame for this lack of retirement funding...but I'm pretty sure there is more to it than that.

Considering what has happened to retirements in the USA (I am thinking people in my age group will not be allowed to retire, ever...and I've talked to enough people in the age group above me...the Baby know they don't care if anyone else can retire but them), perhaps more of us will depart from this country that so honors its elders (NOT) by our own hands.

While my death wish has been put into remission with parenthood, there have been many many times I wished I had simply pulled the trigger on the handgun I had to my temple at age fifteen. Quite frankly, the USA culture hasn't improved over the last thirty years...if I am alone by retirement age (the only chance I had at a 401(k) when I was working for pay resulted in an ignored application (this was before the law was made to force an employee to 'opt out.') and who knows what the Baby Boomers will allow to be done to Social Security in order to punish we younger generations for daring to be born from their family planning free loins), and the USA culture still holds those over age 50 as worthless and not worthy of a job, I shall have to hunt down some heroin and take the easiest way out. It is that simple.

For Human Citizens who are not affluent, the USA is a very difficult place to exist right now. How I wish I can convince my spouse we should move back to the land of his immigrant ancestors...I know that country actually WANTS highly skilled master any rate...I can type all of this and not succumb to depression, so, I'm hoping I won't have to succumb to taking my own life at some point in the far distant future. I'd really rather live to be 100 years old as my child has requested...but I'm not so sure the USA really wants its retired folk around using up money that can be hoarded in the accumulator fields of the CEOs and billionaires and the all mighty corporate citizens instead.

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