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I would like be more promiscuous, I would like to have more sex. However, I can't because of my residence set-up. I'm a well-respected member of my community. My home does not have a garage. I live in a close-packed neighborhood where everybody watches everybody else. If I were to have somebody over everyone would know it and there would be gossip and badmouthing, which I can't have.

However, if I lived in an apartment complex where I did not know my neighbors, then I would be more promiscuous and have much more sexual fun. I like where I live but this is a bit of a down side to it.


Have someone over for the lunch hour, as if you're having lunch. Rent a motel room, perhaps on a weekend getaway. Find a secluded place outdoors. Go to the other person's place.

Just what kind of community is it that you live in where you would be under greater suspicion for being a normal sexual person? Is it an alternative lifestyle? Otherwise I'd think you'd be under greater suspicion for being a celibate person than a normal sexual one.

My community

My newer neighbors have become more married, more conservative and more monied. I don't want them prying into my personal life.Since my community has seen no sexual activity from me in the last 10 years they've started a rumor that I'm gay. I know they'll embrace 'gay' far better than 'promiscuous', so I have no intention of disputing these rumors. If I do have sex I do it while on vacation, far far from home.

Having anyone inside my home starts the tongues wagging, so I'll leave well enough alone.


Shakey, I never said I didn't have sex for 10 years. I said my community has seen no sexual activity from me in the last 10 years. Darned right I worry about what everybody else thinks, I have to live here and I don't need a reputation as a harlot. All women, especially those of us who earn our living due to our good reputation, have to think about how they appear to everybody else.

Presuming That You Are Female

Come to my place then!

sounds like an excuse

I don't want to sound rude, but it sounds like you are making an excuse not to have any sexual partners. 10 years sounds like a long time not to have sex. You are to worried about what everyone else thinks and not what you want in life. I had to put that out there. Good luck.

Casey Anthony

The infamous baby killer Casey Anthony was regarded as
a "Skank." I feel bad for people who don't know how they
harm themselves.


Pro-life is rooted in keeping women from escaping their punishment for getting knocked up??????
If this is what u really believe at this magazine then u people are truly delusional. There is a reason people don't take much of psychology serious today except those in the field among themselves.
U people defy logic and reason. Besides being leftist crackpots...

No, that's not what the author said

Hey, dufus, read with some comprehension, will you? The author only implied some people think that, and that's absolutely correct.


Hey dufus...that is what the author meant...and believes.... think before u post...I know it may be hard for a low info voter like yourself...but try

We're the crackpots?

Where are you when a baby is born to a mother that didn't want that baby? Are you there passing judgment on her for not being what you want her to be? Are you willing to take into your home all these children born to people who didn't want them and therefore abuse and/or neglect them? Are you working at houses for unwed mothers trying to make their life a little easier? Are you providing food and working to help make the government pay to take care of these children or are you and your fellow rightist crackpots out there trying to cut as much of their benefits as possible? Is that your way of trying to force them to get married and be with the fathers of their babies? What about the fathers of women who want abortions? Are you working to shame them? Are you working to try to get them to step up and are you trying to pass laws to get them to be required to take the baby if the mother doesn't want it?

Or, are you just sitting there passing judgment on the women and telling them they're bad? If so, it does come across as nothing more than wanting them to suffer a CONSEQUENCE of having sex (the little sluts). You sure don't seem to care about the little least after they're born.

Your evil...

If U really think blaming people who are not part of the problem is supposed to be the solution...then u are just plain evil. It is because of people like U...that we have these problems....selfish at the very root of your character.
Stop making excuses for people and hiding behind the phrase "passing judgemt".
Any defense of abortion for selfish reasons speaks volumes of U.

All abortion

is for selfish reasons. The word selfish is used as a prejorative except when you want to use it to mean self-reliant.

Not wanting a child because you can't afford it IS SELFISH. It is about the woman not wanting to see a child suffer.

The ONLY answer I ever hear is WELL DON'T HAVE SEX. This isn't an option for most people because they crave love and attention and can't separate sex from those things. I'm not making excuses for them, I'm FORGIVING them for being human.

YOU block them from birth control, YOU block them from getting an abortion by passing more and more restrictive laws or protesting outside abortion clinics...but the second they give birth, they're on their own because wanting money from the government to help care for that child due to low wages and no child care for low wage earners, etc is ALSO called selfish.

And, I AM EVIL? I've never had an abortion and I most likely wouldn't have but that would've been MY CHOICE. MY BUSINESS. It is none of your business what other people do or choose not to do. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS....END OF STORY.

LOL...Listen to Your"SELF"

First, slick, no one blocks u from getting birth control. Not forcing someone else to pick up the tab for your good time isn't stopping u from picking up the tab. EXAMPLE A of SELFISHNESS on your part.
2) Abortion would be "MY choice" u said. Key word is "MY" on your part. EXAMPLE B of Selfishness.
3) Killing a child because of your supposed economic strata -- EXAMPLE C of Selfishness. (BTW--the class warfare argument is worn out--try being creative & not repeating talking points from a left wing blog u read in cyberspace).
4) Why R liberals always ANGRY? Never-ending story....

It isn't about right or left

First, I've never voted for a democrat for president in my life.

Second, I'm not a "liberal" but I am pro-choice.

Third, it isn't about a "good time" for a lot of women. For some, an IUD, which is costly, is the best option for endometriosis - a very painful condition. Not exactly a good time.

Birth control pills aren't always for birth control. A lot of the time they're used to help control painful ovulation and other reasons.

Fourth, I'm not the least bit angry.

You are the one who called me names. And, you're the one who needs to stop repeating the talking points. I think for myself. I don't agree with everything the republican party says and I'm growing further and further away all the time because I think they're going down the wrong path. I was a republica because I wanted small government. Today's GOP doesn't want smaller government -- they want only the government that they want and can control.

Educate yourself and stop calling others names when you haven't the slightest idea who you're talking to, or what you're talking about.


I am a small business owner that is taxed by the government to the point that all I do is work just to make ends meet. I don't have a girlfriend because I don't have the time. I get no government subsidies or tax breaks because I am a white male over the age of 18 (way over). So I am not considered a minority.

I don't even argue about where the government gets the money they have. I just accept it and go on living my pathetic little lonely life. Because I don't have any money left over after the accountant pays the taxes.

I just accept it and go on living.

Get over yourself....

U need to get over yourself...SELFISH is SELFISH....
Your still a lefty and still angry & bitter.....
And NO ONE should have to pick up the tab 4 your goodtime!!!
Buy your own birth control pills....the very fact this is even coming up in America shows how far off course the nation has gotten....
So U should educate yourself about what u r talking about before u post.....


You keep repeating the same thing over and over. Adding a couple more exclamation points to what you've already posted doesn't help your argument which is "no one should have to pick up the tab 4 your goodtime" to which I've replied birth control isn't about a good time. Sometimes it is to treat painful medical conditions. You have no answer to that so continuing to scream at me via exclamation points is all you've got.

You're wrong and you know it so you just keep yelling.

If you have some actual arguments, post them. Otherwise stop posting the same thing over and over expecting me to somehow change my opinion "by educating myself" which I've already done. I have a different opinion than you and it is based on logic and reason - not emotions and feelings.

My basic argument is people have the right to do what is in their own best interest with their own body. Having sex is a fundamental need for most humans. We want to show our love and affection for someone. Sometimes, rarely, an unplanned, unwanted and unexpected outcome happens. That we didn't intend for this to happen doesn't mean we should "suck it up" and "deal with the consequences." We've advanced to the point in our society that we no longer have to "suffer the consequences" of an unintended pregnancy. Preventing the implantation of a group of cells isn't murder. It isn't a baby. Being able to control when you have a child makes the difference between a healthy happy well adjusted child and one who may have to fend for him/herself and have to suffer a bad childhood or far worse.

Most people that truly care about other born, living human beings want what is best for them. To care about what a woman does with her body "for a good time" as you keep putting it, is the wrong focus. Stop worrying about women having sex and start thinking about actual human beings and their welfare. Care about what happens to babies AFTER they're born. Care about mothers who have children they want and still have a hard time supporting.

You keep calling me a "lefty." Being called that by someone like you actually makes me proud because people with no arguments and nothing but hatred for others are becoming the voice of the right and that is what is driving me away from the GOP at warp speed. Good job.

Re: Get over yourself....

The concept of insurance is that you're paying for everything you're getting, on average. So nobody is picking up someone else's tab for a "goodtime". Even with Obamacare, you have to pay for it, right? Remember the mandate? The IRS is going to fine you if you don't pay, etc.?

As for educating yourself, take your own advice and educate yourself before posting nonsense.

I like your premise...

...about it being tied to women's economic power. However, I wonder if that's putting the cart before the horse. In "conservative" oriented areas (I'm speaking more religious than political although those lines are becoming extremely fuzzy) women aren't thought of very highly in the FIRST place. They're not raised to believe they can go to college and have a career, they're raised as baby makers. So, that sets up the economic injustice before hand. I think the judgment is there first then the results of that judgement are the people judging each other for not keeping themselves in line sexually.

I was raised in an extremely religious environment and now I'm an atheist. I wanted my own life and wanted to live it the way I saw fit. This didn't go over too well with any of my family members. I was supposed to be married by 18 and pregnant soon thereafter. Like my sisters. I went to college and paid my own way because my father didn't believe in college education for girls. I'm over 50 now and I'm still not treated as an equal to my sisters. I don't get invited to weddings or holiday outings. I've been told that when I get married, this will change.'ll never change! I'm now ok with that.

The article makes some sense.

The article makes some sense. It's about the people paying the bills to raise their own biologically related kids be it a wealthy woman raising her kids from different men, a wealthy man raising his kids from different women, a couple raising their own kids, etc.

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