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Introversion: 5 Strategies for Pushing Out Your Comfort Zone

Here are strategies, shared by introverts, that help them to better engage others in social situations and feel more at ease. Read More

Introverts are fine as they are

Now for balance, could we have an article on 5 strategies for extroverts to come out of their 'solipsistic zone' and try some quiet reflective thinking that includes people other than 'me'.

Some introverts spend their whole life adopting these strategies to fit in when perhaps we should all strive for a less extrovert dominated culture to bring out the best in everyone.

Introversion is not "shyness" or "social ineptness".

Also, I strongly doubt there's introvert who has not already heard all these. Role-playing is used to teach social skills in PRESCHOOL for crying out loud.

This article is saying that

This article is saying that introverts should try to be less introvert, but why? Is it better to be extroverted? Introverts are trying to get outside their comfort zone, but why is that good? Where is the psychology in this article? Extrovert = good, introvert = bad? Please write a more balanced article.

I agree and disagree with comments

Although I agree that society stigmatizes introvertedness -- and overvalues extrovertedness -- I also believe each person who is too "embedded" in their comfort zone(s) would benefit from exploring outside those realms. I speak from personal experience, being largely introverted and much preferring it that way, yet wishing I was a little less so. Don't be too defensive in your comments to this article, as it wasn't meant to be an in-depth analysis.

Introvert or Extrovert the choice can be yours.

I was interested in some of the comments noted above. From my point of view, it's up to the individual themselves to decide what they want from their lives. If they wish to remain introverted there's nothing wrong with that. Equally should they wish to decide to feel more comfortable or more in control of certain social situations then the choice is theirs how they achieve what they desire.
I found the article helpful.

I guess it depends on how you

I guess it depends on how you view introversion. Personally, I believe it to be a fairly stable trait over the life span. Introverted people do not usually change although I've heard tales of many introverts putting on a mask to cope in an extraverted world (and I can only guess at the stress levels that must induce).

Not so long ago it was common for homosexuality to be treated as a disorder and people actually ran courses on how gay men and women could fit in better to the 'normal' world and choose a differing sexuality. Thank humanity that still isn't the case and I don't think it's too dramatic to suggest that a large part of society's attitude to introverts right now is strikingly similar.

Being introverted is not a lifestyle choice.

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