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The Top 10 Leadership Competencies

More than 100 years of leadership research has outlined the successful skills and abilities that are associated with leadership effectiveness. Here are the top 10. Read More

Critical Leaderhsip Competencies

In the first instance, the "Top Ten" looks like a reasonably good roundup of critical leadership competencies, but at a deeper level, it seems incomplete, considering the change-fraught economy of today.

As I read, two vital leadership competencies are missing.

I think, firstly, visioning skills, which entail the ability to chart out a course for the organisation and its people into the future, oftentimes into uncharted territory, should be included. This competency also entails the ability to anticipate and explore future challenges, issues and problems, that may come into the picture - often unexpectedly.

Secondly, dilemma handling skills, which involves the ability to deal with paradoxes, ambiguities and uncertainties of the business/competitive landscape with its attendant human dynamics

Here they mention most

Here they mention most informative things about the leadership and how to develop the skills for a leadership. In every sector, there is a person sitting for the leadership and what type of work and responsible handle by them is most important. For a leader, there are many type of things to know and how to handle the situation and the employees is most important.
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