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You Can Lead, But Are You a Good Follower?

People are obsessed with leaders and leadership. But what about followership? No matter what position we hold in an organization, we will do more following than leading throughout our work careers. How can you tell if you are a good follower? Read More


Followship is leadership without the title.

Followship as defined and leadership are one and the same. You can't lead from behind any more than you can follow from the front. Your definition of a good follower is that of a leader pretending to follow.

A good follower is a person who delivers more than requested, quicker than committed and at a quality level exceeding expectations. Add a smile to the equation and you are approach perfection.

I agree

I agree with TJL, with one addition: a good follower is dependable, always delivering the goods promised or making arrangements for another team member to deliver.

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Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College.


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