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The Obama Campaign’s Secret Weapon: Psychologists

The New York Times reported that the Obama campaign used a "dream team" of psychologists to help with their victorious Presidential campaign. Here's how psychologists helped to win an election. Read More


We all love to take credit for being brilliant when good luck drops into our laps and I don't blame Obama or his supporters for doing that.

I think there are three main reasons Obama won:

1. American's have never been so poor at critical thinking and dealing with reality. The great mass of us is a social blob of groupthink. If "THEY" (pop-stars, media, actors say "Obama is great, the other guy is evil") it is instanntly held as fact.

2. The constant onlaught of leftist media messages pushing Obama. This works in hand with #1. Anyone even slightly in touch with reality can see how screamingly blatant this is now.

3. Democrats do a great job of getting dead and completely uninterested live people to vote in key swing states. If history is any indication it is pretty certain a percent or two of the Ohio and FL votes for Dems are not real. And you generally won't find Republicans buying votes with beer and bus rides.

With that said, the fact that Obama even came close this time after the wholesale wreckage he caused and all the incompetence he has displayed does show that America has all but gone to the left, and is gone in general. I guess it is time to grab that cute flight attendant I was flirting with before the right wing broke off and have some fun as this flight heads to the scene of the crash!

No, it's YOU who is "WRONG."

Most normal people know that there are teams of noted psychologists that 'prep' both candidates extensively, well before any and all debates. Some grasp these teachings well, others don't.
It's obvious that you are just a sore loser. Stop making nonsense excuses for the way other people vote.
Mitt lost. Get over it, Sherlock.

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Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College.


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