How it feels to be on the brink of a life passage, from youth to middle age to death.

The Younger Generation Is Always Right

My daughter Samantha and I did another bit of publicity for our book Twentysomething yesterday: a taping of an upcoming episode of Katie Couric's new afternoon talk show, "Katie." But when Katie asked me what I thought of the Millennials, I gave the wrong answer. Here's what I should have said instead. Read More

If it makes you feel better to not take responsibility...

I'm really REALLY tired of the older generations talking smack about my generation. If we are (anything) it's their fault for raising us that way. I know so many people my age, going to school, working a full time job and paying all their bills themselves and not having any opportunity to advance career wise because the baby boomers won't or can't retire and are living longer. How is that lazy or entitled? We aren't being given the same opportunities those generations had, and or the opportunities they told us we would have. I graduated in 2006 right when the economy tanked. I grew up being told, "go after your dreams" and "you can do anything", only to be told after graduation that was all a lie. Thanks Baby Boomers.

Please keep writing...

I do so enjoy irony.

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Robin Marantz Henig is a science journalist and co-author, with her daughter Samantha Henig, of Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck?


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