How it feels to be on the brink of a life passage, from youth to middle age to death.

It's Tough to Be Young

Young adults feel more stress about their lives than people who are older, according to a new poll reported last week by Harris Interactive. According to an article in USA Today, nearly 4 in 10 Millennials (in this study, defined as people aged 18 to 33) say their stress has increased in the past year, and about half say it keeps them awake at night. Read More

Stress for Young Adults Hardly Surprising

Why should rise in stress for millenials be surprising? My daughter (in that group) has had to weather seven company-posted mass firings. It's like the gladiatoral bouts..."Who'll be left standing?" occurs to those in her company all the time, even if they make it through these purges...And that same thing is happening all across America. Does it keep her awake at night? Most assuredly.She and a core of other "survivors" always anticipate another shoe dropping on a beast that appears to be a centipeded. If they didn't, then THAT would be remarkable. But such is the nature of the American marketplace where one finds out eternally: He or she is ever-replaceable...

Most Comment Streams on this Data Reflect Poorly on Gen X

Thanks for your objective take on this new data regarding stress. I also write about and track information regarding Millennials, and my production company is finalizing a documentary on the subject. We interviewed 50 millennials across country, each for 2-3 hours, face to face.

Most of the comment streams I'm reading on articles about this stress survey are Gen Xers and Boomers deriding the Millennials themselves as being stressed because they feel entitled or are weak or need to just get a job, etc.

It is absolutely staggering to me. Amazing that they forget that WE are steering the country right now. WE raised these young adults. WE provided the examples. WE framed their values. WE built products and marketed them to the Millennials. WE nurtured their youth culture for a profit.

How can people not realize this? The Millennials are 80 million strong. They will take the wheel over the next twenty years, and we ridicule them?!?

Seems pretty simple to me that any patriot should be very concerned with mentoring this fresh generation and helping to create circumstances to allow them to flourish.

Check out our movie if you like: - releasing later this year.


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Robin Marantz Henig is a science journalist and co-author, with her daughter Samantha Henig, of Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck?


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