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Why Do People Kill Themselves? New Warning Signs

For decades, scientists have been trying to understand and predict who is going to go beyond talking about death to actually killing themselves. Here are a few predictors that might help us all in stopping someone and in the end, save lives Read More

I believe everyone gets to

I believe everyone gets to choose whether to remain alive or not. I have no desire to live in chronic pain or under the care of others and I do not believe the state should have the right to force someone to remain alive.

I wonder therefore as the

I wonder therefore as the millenials cut and self harm more than other generations if they will commit sucide more than other generations?

Maybe, maybe not

There are a lot of factors and destructive behaviors that could be signs of a suicidal person.

Maybe cutting is more of this generation, but previous generations there were higher levels of substance abuse, such as alcohol and drugs. Right now, substance abuse is lowest amongst adolescents in nearly 50 years.

It could be that the number of suicides remain relatively the same, but the way suicidal people express their depression has changed.

does not explain my best friend's suicide

In his last letter there is no phrase about that for society it would be better if he died.
ok, maybe he thought so.
but he was also not super-couragious - often he was very gutless, for example when we got caught for our teenage-pranks (I once talked to the police when we were caught for not stopping at red traffic lights - he buggered off!
Scientists should examine why persons think they are a burden - if there are different reasons to come to this conclusion.
Does not seem to be a kind of genious discovery.


You might consider adding a "Trigger Warning" to this post. As an individual struggling with depression that occassionally bleeds into suicidality, and someone that struggles with intense guilt about everything, I found this post triggered for my internal monologue that tends to lean towards "the world would be better off without you" argument. Felt like I should say something in case others that found this post upsetting are not in a healthy enough place to speak up.

Thank you.

Appreciate your courage

Glad you spoke up.

I'm hopeful you'll find voice for your struggle and glimmers of how you contribute to the world.

A Human Being

You add value to the world

You are a unique individual, with perspectives that no one else on the planet has. If you were not here to point out that this could trigger someone who has suicide ideation to focus on such thoughts, who else would. In every day there are opportunities for you to add value to the world in countless ways. A smile to a stranger or an open door held for another--sometimes a simple act can be of great value to another. You may never know how much it meant but that does not negate that it had value.
On the flip side, there are a tremendous number of people who have a very strong desire to help others. If no one needed help, who would they help?
If you feel those thoughts running through your mind again, do get help but also refute them. Bogus is my favorite word for thoughts that come into my mind that do not serve my highest good. Feel free to borrow it. It feels good to tell a thought it is Bogus. Just because we think a thought does not make it a true thought. There are millions of perspectives, many of them valid, about everything. Then there are those Bogus thoughts that aren't valid but can feel valid.
You have value.
I'm very glad you posted what you posted. Without your post I would not have been inspired to write this which I hope helps you but could also help others. Thank you.

other risk factors

interesting that high risk activities such as shooting guns and having a perceived high pain tolerance could be considered a risk factor. Although, I would include that sometimes suicidal actions (and successes) may be caused by dire circumstances also, such as losing job/partner/house/car/custody of children etc. These are absolute sources of deep greif and possibly the suicides are moreso a side effect of severe greif complication. My ex committed suicide for the above reasons.He left hints everytime I saw him that he was going to do something along the lines of suicide in the near future. For example, I would ask him if he was going to finish painting the study and he would reply, what for?, there's no point in doing that now. . .At the time I had no idea that he actually would go ahead with suicide. But he refused to get help..and thus, died. So suicide can be highly related to a persons perception of personal success and personal worth hand-in-hand. Sometimes the person has no control over the direction their life is going, oftentimes happiness is actually dependent on others allowing us to become successful (ie: acquiring employment etc). If he or she feels they have no control anymore...its easy to understand how they come to the conclusion that suicide will end their failure of living (through no fault of their own).


Negative image of self, Negative image of world , and Hopelessness.
When one loses hope one loses all.

Anger turned inward.

Simply Done?

While this will not apply to the 6 year old or those who are in need of medication or therapy; I do believe that there comes a point in some people's lives where they are simply done. They have completed what they think is their purpose, perhaps are elderly (but not necessarily) and would like some support with their end of life. We do often think of suicide as an act of desperation; what if it is simply the next step as defined by the individual? I do not propose to know what is right for anyone else, and would hope not to be judged for my decisions based on only surface observations by others. My father was "done" with his life at 91, and lived his last 6 years very unhappily as he watched his friends die, his health fail and he and I discussed many times that he wished there was a place to go to simply and with quiet dignity complete his journey.

Suicide Study

As someone who suffered from chronic depression and numerous other mental problems for decades, I can say from my experience it was the emotional pain and lack of hope that almost made me do it. I was in my late 40's before I actually felt like a normal person.


We will never know what draws someone to end their life and in some instances doing that is better. If someone is about to harm others similiar to what we just saw this weekend in CA, it is better they end their own life and not take others down. Or, the story of someone sick and "just done"- it would be great if there was a place where one could go with quiet dignity to do just that.

For those that have crawled there way out of it, sharing those stories could like help others in the pits of despair.

Suicide Never pays

Suicide is often committed out of despair, the cause of which is frequently attributed to a mental disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

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