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Who Loses the Most Under Obamacare?

A new study estimates the number of newly uninsured created by the ACA.

Chris Conover writes about

…the 3.8 million Americans that the RAND Corporation estimates will become newly uninsured as a result of this law. 2.5 million of these currently have employer-based coverage and another 1.3 million have non-group coverage. While there arguably are tens of millions of other losers created by this ill-conceived law, these 3.8 million arguably are its biggest losers.

And goes on to say:

What should be obvious and is doubly tragic is that we never needed to sacrifice these 3.8 million victims in the first place. As just one example, the conservative alternative to ObamaCare recently proposed by Ramesh Ponnuru and Yuval Levin would provide universal catastrophic coverage to every American.

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Sorry, but that’s a bit glib. There would surely be newly uninsured under the Ponnuru/Levin/AEI plan, previously summarized here. But, unlike Obamacare, the plan would not leave them to fend for themselves.

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