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Is Equality the Right Public Policy Goal?

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Equality is a noble goal and

Equality is a noble goal and can be expressed in a variety of ways.

a) In terms of life, all things are part of a larger machine that contribute to produce a whole. Is the spark plug in a car greater then the wheel? That is a belief.

b) That can then also be viewed as the wheel is greater then the spark plug because of the monetary value. The problem that comes with the prosperity version of the bible is inflation. If everyone was prosperous, and everyone had millions of dollars then a loaf of bread would be worth millions also. That is a mathematical problem.

Communism can work but never has because while they will claim to be attempting to solving A, by preventing B, they cause C.

C) the god factor. one, or a few individuals, control all and therefore are entitled to more, as is their need, thus providing justification to overrule both a and b.

what needs to be done in the mathematical model is to limit the degree of differences.

that can only be done when it is recognized that A, is truth.

and if anyone should ever pop up claiming to be God, you really should kill them quickly, before its too late. If you fail, there is a good chance it is god.

Why is there no existence of "god", because you dont know what your looking for, and taking the blindfolds off may help also.

Religion, is mans creation. Prophesy is Gods creation. The control method is based on the idea that if one "person" cannot resolve the situation, then the failsafe kicks in, thus neutralizing the rogue species, primarily by their own hand. By attempting to prevent me you incur failsafe. Some species never even make it this far, that is the cold hard reality.

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John C. Goodman, Ph.D. is Research Fellow at The Independent Institute; President in National Center for Policy Analysis, & author of Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis.


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