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Why Are We Racist?

The sociological, psychological and genetic 'sources' of race and racism are explored in this 15 minute weekly show presented by BBC World Service. Read More

I can't be racist

I like Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole!

Racist or Prejudice?

I don't think people are racist, but they do have preferences, and as such are prejudiced. Except in extreme cases (like the old Klu Klux Klan and Hitler) of those who would do harm to someone different, it seems harmless on a personal level. And there are laws about discrimination in the bigger picture, so what's the fuss. If someone doesn't like the way I look, I think it's more their loss than mine, ha, ha.

It's not the individual

It's not the individual racism that is so problematic but the systemic and structural discrimination that changes the course of life for millions of people by limiting opportunity and stereotyping negatively

I'd like to ask if the

I'd like to ask if the transcription of that interview is available somewhere? Because I'm very interested in that topic, but unfortunately don't understand everything...

If there is a transcription I

If there is a transcription I suppose you would have to go through the BBC but I don't have one

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