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The Race Card

The "race card" is something no one wants in play. It's not a fun game. But what is the race card and why does it get played? And can anyone win with it? Read More

Thank you for this article.

This is one of the most intelligent articles I have read - not just on Psychology Today, bot on the web as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to write it.

Thank you for this article.

This is one of the most intelligent articles I have read - not just on Psychology Today, but on the web as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to write it.

did you forget another Ms. Rice?

after a poor showing in the elections with women and minorities,{Republicans] may not want to pillory an otherwise well-qualified black woman. Mr Obama this week defiantly declared their criticism of Ms Rice “outrageous”."

In case everyone has forgotten, the REPUBLICANS gave us the very FIRST black female Secretary of State, who coincidentally also bore the name Rice -- Dr. Condoleeza Rice. Everyone forgotten her already?

Indeed the Bush cabinet was far more "racially diverse" than the Obama cabinet. But of course the Republicans get no credit for this at all, due to the toxic mindset that anyone who isn't a socialist, must be "raciss".... sigh...


I am aware of the prestige of Psychology Today, and the illusory credibility that a Ph.D. provides.. but a professional article like this should have references.. you have none.. that is not professional..
That said.. it was well written, one of the best, and I do appreciate it very much...
But, I need references to convince certain people of the validity, and it would also provide details that you did not include here, for someone who wishes to further the research..

Not sure why this person ever left Jamaica

Great article. Yet, I just do not "get" why anyone who grew up in such a society where racism did not exist would move to countries where the "race card" exists? If Jamaica is such a great place, why leave? I am calling BS on both the premise of this article and the faulty conclusions. Your article should be called "racism is irrelevant".

Why leave Jamaica?

I was born in London, UK (where my Jamaican parents met and married) and moved to Jamaica with my parents at 4 after living in Toronto for a short while and left with them for Ottawa, Canada at 14.

People move for all sorts of reasons and there was political instability in Jamaica during the 80's that made my mother want to leave Jamaica. Interestingly my father returned the family to Jamaica when I was 5 or 6 because of racism in Toronto and did not want to return because he did not want his children to be raised in that environment.

That said, all post-colonial nations have a system of racial hierarchy that is a remnant of white supremacy that was part of colonization.

Racism is only irrelevant to those who have never experienced it.

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Race card?

I get confused when people talk about black or white or even yellow etc, I am a white Anglo, just to put things in the open, and I have to admit when I meet people, colour is not the first thing I see, it is the person themselves, they are either nice and worth knowing or not worth knowing, to me colour does not come in to it, I have friends of all colours, races and religions, none of these things sway me, the only thing I want to know is, is this person worth knowing, are they nice etc, for all I care they could be green or purple, my friends and other people are measured by themselves and their actions not by colour, so why go on about it, If I were an employer I would pick the best person for the job, it would have nothing to do with their race, religion, sex, just are they the best person for the job, for my friends I choose the same way, there is a lot of white people who I would not like to know or befriend and that goes for all people.

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