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Children Conceived Through Sperm Banks and Surrogacy

Exciting options are available today for single women, infertile couples, and gay men to have children. The fertility industry is a billion-dollar industry bringing happiness to many, while legal and ethical issues are raised. This article takes a positive approach to these possibilities. Read More

Professor Van Wormer, I

Professor Van Wormer, I greatly enjoyed reading your article. We share the same fascination of this subject. I was truly blessed to have such an inspirational, wise, and caring professor!

Sperm online

Hi professor VW I am a sperm donor (previously clinic code ACL and currently internet) I have 4 nuptial kids in their 30s, Some from an IVF clinic conceived 1978-79 and now 17 little children from 10yo to 1 day old. I am 65yo and have too many kids for a clinic under the current Australian legislation. You are so right that there are many types of sperm recipients and many types of donor. Thanks for raising this topic.

sperm donors

Donors are making a great contribution to the world in making it possible for so many to be parents. I think the young donors have the best results and know you are proud of your children you gave birth to in the 1970s. I thought it would be good for people to know the positives of this topic as much of the media reports were of a cautionary nature without stressing the joy brought to so many by these modern forms of fertility treatment. Thanks so much for writing as I've had almost no reaction to my article.

I think this is a very smart

I think this is a very smart system, it benefits the ones who are not able to have a baby and the ones who are not ready to be a parent. We need to be practical, let's face it not everyone is capable of some things. With proper truce and orientation, everything should be fine. Interesting blog too, cheers!

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Katherine van Wormer, M.S.S.W., Ph.D., is the author or co-author of 14 books on various aspects of human behavior.


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