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Bouncing Back, Sort Of

Three new memoirs explore different kinds of pain, from the physical to the emotional to what we might call the spiritual or existential. Each author has adapted, but there’s always a high price to pay. Read More

Coping with Complex Regional Pain on a daily basis.

At times I have felt that all I can do is just keep moving and other times I just wish I could sleep but the pain will let me do neither. Does this sound like you? Its been me many times over the past 20+ years. My solution was to learn to mediate. Yes proper meditation with a forgiving heart for both yourself and others. Pain can be controlled without all the drugs. I wish I had known this secret many years ago before the medications had a chance to attack my body and my brain. Takr control of your life before a doctor destroys you completely.

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Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., is a social psychologist and author. Her current focus is on the creative aspects of rationality and atheism.


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