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Serious About Writing a Novel? Do It in 30 Days

Two new books detail how you can write a novel in 30 days, with or without participating in National Novel Writing Month. Read More

A novel? I'd be happy if I

A novel? I'd be happy if I could write a 2000 word short story in that time.


I know what you mean! I suspect most of the efforts result in genre works rather than literary epics, and they all need a lot of polishing to have a shot at traditional publication. Nevertheless, some writers and would-be writers crave the structure of a plan like this, and the rest of us can probably learn something from the way that sort of schedule results in lots of words on the page, at the very least.

It would have been helpful if

It would have been helpful if you would have included which month of the year is National Novel Writing Month in this article.

It's in the link.

NaNoWriMo's direct link is the final one in the list at the bottom of the post. But here's your answer: November.

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