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A High School Reunion Can Repair the Past

Many of us regard our high school experience as painful and embarrassing—the thought of meeting up with all those long-forgotten nightmare classmates is less than enticing. It’s an opportunity to carefully examine a piece of personal history. By Lisa Juliano, PsyD. Read More

Lisa, This is a very

This is a very thoughtprovoking exploration of the dialectical relationship
between past and present, between our younger and more mature selves.
After reading your piece I look forward to my twentieth college reunion with more curiosity and less trepidation.

None specific

I'm a fifty something male, married twenty-four years who may soon be undergoing seperation and divorce. While I have only began reading your website articles very recently I find that they have helped me deal with the many pains of seperating from a partner I had shared half my life with. The timing,intiricate details and coping mechanism are proving invaluable. I commend Psychology Today for helping me with facing the pain of this most difficult time. Please, keep up the great service you are providing to readers like myself.


djones - Maryland Reader

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