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I Promise You My Anger

I Promise You My Anger: Strange Bedfellows: Romantic Love and Anger By Max Belkin, Ph.D. Is it normal to feel anger, resentment, and even hatred towards the person you love? Read More

Anger, is really nothing more

Anger, is really nothing more than an outlet for fear. Most of us, if not all of us, have to pass an obstacle course of fears that we learned through our early relationships before we can truly love. These external conflicts are an inevitable projection of the internal fears we carry with us. Or as Melanie Klein put it "If we become able, deep in our unconscious minds, to clear our feelings to some extent towards our parents of grievances and have forgiven them for the frustration we had to bear, then we can be at peace with ourselves and are able to love others in the true sense of the word"

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