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Getting Marriage-Whys: What We Really Need to Change

This week in headlines, we heard that Mexico is introducing legislation that will potentially put time frames around marriage with the minimum contract lasting two years.

There are now approximately 26 countries throughout the world that recognize civil unions, domestic partnerships and same sex marriages. Read More


20-year or 5-year contracts specifying financial and non-financial obligations between two people are legal now. We just don't call them marriages. The change merely would be vocabulary.

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Hello guys!
I just came across this article on warnings to ladies about relationship irrespective of its kind and I felt it would be generous of me to share it here. This is not spam nor its anything fraud. it is just something I would love more internet readers and viewers to read. it is informative, educating and interesting. I just wonder how a guy can come up with such ideas. If you want to stop wondering what I am talking about to find out what this is actually is, then go to the link below.

I think some people -

I think some people - especially women - are raised with this unrealistic idea of a "true love" who they will marry and grow old with. I know one woman who would always comment on how lucky she was to have met the love of her life - and was totally clueless that said love was having a hard time seeing things the same way. To give him credit, he did seek marriage support services - but it surprised no one but her when things fell apart.

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