Conquer Fear Of Flying

How to beat aeroanxiety and more

Accepting That Safety Is Relative

If a situation isn't safe enough, we need to be in control, or able to escape from it. But, what if we can't control or escape? How safe does that situation have to be? Read More

Developmental Trama

I read that and boy does that hit the nail on the head. My father never recgonized me. When he did, it was in an abusive manner. I have problems with relating to people, saying hello first and making eye contact. So, now that I have a name to put to the problem, what can I do to resolve it?

Fear is Relative, too!

Fear arises out of intellect when it fails to decide how it will react to a particular condition for bringing it in its favor. This failure itself is 'insecurity' that most women and men feel! Luckily, I have conquered by fear by reading the following book:


It is tiresome to continue to hear that fear is learned; in this case that it is intellectual. Fear can arise from thoughts, but when flying, it can also arise from completely a unconscious reaction. When the plane drops, the amygdala releases stress hormones. If the fear of falling is learned - or arises out of intellect - it certainly is learned early.

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Captain Tom Bunn, L.C.S.W., is an airline pilot and author who has dedicated 30 years to the development of effective methods for treating flight phobia.


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