Perspectives on youth and technology

Teens and Technology

Is the Internet such a menace? Media reports suggest that the Internet is a dangerous place for teens, but research finds that the Internet may not be so bad after all. Read More

Technology and teens.

Why do teens use technology?

How might technology be used in the future?

great questions!

Those are great questions! and are at the core of what we endeavor to illuminate every day at CiPHR.

While the answers to your questions are numerous, some reasons why teens use technology is because it feels good: it's a great way to connect with friends and family near and far; and because it's fun: there are a ton of different types of activities one can do, simultaneously, online.

The possible uses of technology in the future are probably as varied as your mind can take you. We are trying to think of fun ways to use technology to promote (what might not be see as so much fun) healthy behaviors. As we become evermore connected with each other through technology, this will hopefully increase our chances to connect about health behavior change. Can't wait to see what the future holds!


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Michele Ybarra, MPH, Ph.D., is President and Research Director of a non-profit research organization called the Center for Innovative Public Health Research (CiPHR).


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