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Meet Your Ideal Future Self

Filling the blank on “I will be ______” is still an abstract task. A more concrete approach is to avoid thinking about the future in general, and to “zoom in” on a single day in your ideal future. Read More

Cottage Owners taught me this Technique

I discovered the technique you describe, of imagining specific details of some future space, and seeing how different the image is compared to the abstract vision. I have found it useful when pondering a career change or a house move.

I stumbled onto this technique when listening to people who own cottages. When they talk in the abstract, cottage life sounds idillic: long languid afternoons in the deck chair, exploring in the woods, swimming at the lakefront, the magic of a campfire. When they talk in the concrete, it's quite a different picture: the water pump broke down and will cost $$ to fix; raccoons got in and left a big mess; county wants to raise property taxes; powerboaters are annoying us with their noisy boats.

As for me, I decided to rent when I want a cottage vacation.

Perfect example

Thank you Peter - this is a perfect example. And I'm 100% with you on renting a vacation cottage, for the very same reasons :)

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