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Answering the Big Questions Through the Small Ones

Ignorance truly is bliss. Not because you choose to be oblivious or shallow, but because you choose experiencing over thinking. When you let your brain take a seat behind your face, and let the world do its dance, the answers immediately arrive. Even the big ones. Read More

Most people already live the way you describe!

People don't reflect, ponder, or think about things NEARLY ENOUGH!
Experience in itself is stupid! Without insight, wisdom, or perspective.
If people contemplated just a little bit more, a few of humanity's chronic problems might solve themselves.

Not exactly

Thank you for this comment. I am not sure I agree that most people live the way that is described in the article. The point of the article is not that insights, perspective, or wisdom are redundant or unnecessary. The concept is that instead of thinking rationally about the meaningful questions in life, answers could be found experientally as well, by listening to the wisdom of our senses and our emotions, and by meditating. We all experience moments when we *feel* we have the answer, but may find it hard to describe it in words.

I hope this is useful, and many thanks again for reading and commenting.


I think you would find this a hard sale to Christians (and possibly other spiritual or religious groups).
As a Christian I am encouraged to reflect on God's Word. If I am not doing this I am, too a limited degree, shirking my duties.

I have heard counselors talk about experiencing the world as a child does. What is the benefit to this? Is this inner child like the mythical Noble Savage of our 1800s? The Noble Savage was an idea that is quite similar to people from our time admiring the simple ways of the Amish. It all looks good until you see what they are really doing.
I don't get it. What is the signifigance of returning to our inner child. As a child I was impulsive and hadn't yet learned to be anxious in social situations. If I could lose the impulsivity and keep the lack of social anxiety that would be wonderful.
I'm just totally lost on the inner child thing.

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I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

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