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Are you Living Your Dream Today?

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Words are a powerful thing, and a gift of inspirational words can be life-changing, depending on what the words are. For my last birthday, my wife got me a bracelet engraved with the words “Live Your Dream”. This particular choice of words, commanding you to live your dream now, in the present, instead of “chasing” or “pursuing” your dream, is a very powerful one.

We all like Cinderella stories, and the press is full of them. We like to think that it was “one sunny day” that the person climbed Mt Everest, or published their best-selling book, or got the surprise phone call from the big-shot producer. In reality things never happen in an instant. The road to living your dream is not only filled with hard work, practice, and determination, it also requires something much more basic: attention. To do one little thing each day that takes you closer to your dream. Woody Allen said it well: “80% of success is showing up”, and the best thing you can do is show up each day. Life is comprised of single days. Even projects as grand as the moon landing were done one day at a time. Living your dream needs a constant reminder.

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What is your dream? Wear a bracelet, put a little sticky note on your computer screen, or enter a daily reminder in your calendar: do a little something for your dream every day. When you do that, you already live your dream, and chances are you will see your little plant grow into a mighty tree, if you just don’t forget to give it a few drops of water each day.

What can you do to live your dream today? Coment below and share.



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Ran Zilca is a research scientist, entrepreneur, and author.


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